Cat Trees - Modern Discount Climbing Trees

If you want to please your canine family member, you will first want to understand the nature of your cat and how cat trees can help you keep your cat healthy and happy. Your cat’s natural tendencies are scratching, climbing, hiding, and napping.

An outdoor cat can satisfy all of his natural instincts in that environment. For example, it is natural for a cat to sharpen his claws and he does that using tree bark when he’s outside. An indoor cat sharpens his claws against your furniture, doing great damage, if he isn’t given an alternative way to sharpen his claws.


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Your cat doesn’t want to ruin your furniture. He only wants to sharpen his claws, nothing more and nothing less. Giving your cat his own indoor environment where he can satisfy his natural instincts is one solution to the problem.

An artificial tree especially made for cats is one solution to several problems that cat owners have with trying to keep a cat in the house and at the same time, maintain a human environment. Some things that cats do because it’s in their nature to do it are out of sync when living with humans.



We talked earlier about the cat’s natural instinct to sharpen its paws. Indoor trees specially made for cats are pieces of wood covered in heavy duty carpet. These are ideal materials for sharpening a cat’s claws.

At first, you may have to re-train your cat to use his own furniture if he’s used to using your furniture. Some owners have found that placing catnip under the carpet is an effective way to get your cat to start using his own furniture.



Another natural instinct for cats is to climb as high as he can in order to look down on his environment. That’s why you’ll find a cat on top of a high shelf. If you have objects placed on high shelves, a cat will knock them off.

Trees built for cats are usually tall to satisfy the instinct to climb. There are multi-level shelves or ledges for your cat to sit or take a nap. Your friend will be happy to climb to the top to check out everything below.



Your cat’s favorite game is hide-n-seek. He just loves to find a hole to hide away from you. If you have more than one cat, you will observe them playing hide-n-seek with each other. You can find indoor cat furniture, including trees, with places to hide from the world and at the same time, provide recreation and exercise.

You may have noticed how much your pet sleeps. Some are known to sleep from 10 to 18 hours per day. Their favorite places to sleep are warm and sunny which is exactly why cats love sleeping in a sunny window. If his favorite indoor tree has a ledge placed near a window, you’ll find your cat napping there most of the day.

He’ll have a place to indulge in another one of his favorite things to do—bird watching.




Cat trees that look like trees are modern cat tree substitutes that give cats a place to climb and stretch their claws. There are plenty of cheap cat tree models and discount cat trees. Some of the best brands include Armarkat, Lotus and Amazon. A modern cat tree is unique furniture that can be a place to climb and at as custom houses that stretch floor to ceiling and are tall enough for large cats.

You can see that cat trees will satisfy so many of your cat’s instincts to keep him happy and healthy and save your home from damages. You’ll find your cat’s new playground worth the cost.